Magda Knop       

Visual Artist

Welcome to my website!​

As an artist I'm always searching for the unknown and like to find out what happens when I don't follow the rules. I like to experiment, sometimes with different styles and media. Being an artist I think we have to be free to create, to let our imagination flow. I like to get out of the box and let my emotions direct my brushes.

If you are not reading my blog, I will post here in a few words how I start a painting....


When I pick up my brushes

I'm ready for the expedition

I wander into unknown fields

Ideas are coming and going

Colors are flashing by

The path may be bumpy

I may get lost

But my canvas is very patient

I can start my journey all over 

And finally find the hidden light

Brushes are dancing over the linen

Paint is everywhere

My soul is chanting

magdaknop 2019

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